Idiomas para Grandes, Pequeños y Empresas
Idiomas para Grandes, Pequeños y Empresas

       Laughing Dynamics applied to                     Language Teaching

Teacher training session at TEA Canarias

The benefits of laughter are well known throughout history. When we laugh we feel good; we feel connecteed; we feel relaxed.

We all cherish memories from fun moments during our school years and quite often these moments include an element of laughter.


However, laughing dynamics is not only to do with fun and games and sitting about laughing our heads off. With different dynamics we can work on group cohesion, respect among peers, talking in public, problem-solving, prevention of bullying and even "normal" teaching. If the class feels connected and relaxed, the aspects being taught are going to get embedded much faster. 




This section is currently being up-dated. 


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