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Research into Learning Enhancement

Patricia Bergström, the founder of Inspirations Motivation and Language Learning Centre, has always been concerned with how we can enhance, or "effectivise", the learning process and through this reach better goals, while also keeping in mind the process.


During the years, Patricia has delevoped a concept of Creative Teaching that lays at the base of the whole Inspirations concept of teaching and learning. The main idea for this initial idea, is to make sure the learner makes the most of his/her learning style, multiple intelligences, and individual differences to learn a language more effectively.


The teachers who embrace this concept, and in particular those who work at Inspirations, have to analyse how the learner would best achieve learning and at all times keep in mind the Inspirations motto:

If the learner doesn't learn the way you teach, change the way you teach

(modified from the original quote by Rita Dunn).


Following the initial concept, Patricia has continued to work on the idea of further enhancing learning, coming up with some interesting findings taken from areas that may not traditionally have been connected to language teaching and learning. 


The concept of Teaching Outside the Box is something that sparked many new areas to be explored and we can probably safely say that her work is very much a "Teaching Outside the Box" approach.


Being a trained and experienced Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Laughing Therapist and Neurolanguage Coach, concerned as always with how we can better reach the student and help him/her in the learning process, the concept is now beginning to take shape in the form of an approach that we will call Teaching with the Brain in Mind



In this section and in the sub-sections (see menu on the left hand side and scroll down) you will be able to follow the findings and learn more about the areas that are currently the focus of Patricia's research. Should you find this particularly interesting, want a seminar or workshop on any of these areas, or if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're more than happy to hear from you and will do our very best at helping you become more effective learning facilitators or "effectivisers".


This section is currently under construction so please do check back frequently as there will be information added over the near future, and updated on a regular basis.

Happy effectivising!



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